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Thursday, 19th Mar, 2015
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Shipping Container homes have become very popular today. There are countless unused containers available around the world, just sitting on shipping docks taking up space. The reason is that it is too expensive for a country to send them back to their origin, resulting in an extremely high surplus of containers that are just waiting to become a home, office, apartment, school, dormitory, studio, emergency shelter, or another similar structure. People more and more, are choosing to turn these empty containers into beautiful living spaces.

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The reason behind their growing popularity and widespread acceptance is that these shipping container homes offer several attractive benefits. Firstly, homes built out of shipping containers are very cost effective. The costs of obtaining a shipping container, buying the materials and building the structure are extremely low compared to other home-buidling options. Secondly, these are easy to build. I.e, it is easier to build a shipping container home than a traditional home as you just need to set up its interior. Another benefit of these container home is that they are very durable, and are fire and hurricane-proof. You can also easily expand these homes, unlike traditional ones. Just add the number of containers you wish to increase the number of rooms or storey levels.


You can find shipping containers from the following sources:
• Check with your nearest shipping ports
• Local equipment storage facilities.
• Equipment auction and salvage yards
• Check your local classifieds and ads. Often times individuals will have one that they’re trying to sell.
• Search Engines: You can find many dealers just by searching online.


There are few common issues people often face when trying to build their own shipping container home:

• The temperature inside containers can easily go too low in cold season, and conversely, rise quickly to unbearable levels in the hot season, since containers are made up of steel. A quick solution to this problem is to install heaters and air conditioning, as per the weather conditions, to regulate the temperature inside the home.

• When building with ISBU containers (Intermodal Steel Building Units) you may be using reused shipping containers, therefore, rust may become an annoyance. In such a case, it is recommended that you apply a silicone elastomeric coating to the roof of any container to prevent further rust from rain or moisture.

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