Buying A New Shipping Container: Here Are Some Things You Must Know

Tuesday, 18th Nov, 2014
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Shipping containers have been in use for a long time and are invaluable for transporting or storing your precious items. You may not need to purchase containers on an ongoing basis so here are some key tips before you buy:

  • First of all you need to consider the size of the container, which is directly related to the amount you need to store or ship. The 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are the most common sizes available and you can purchase them at reasonable prices. But, if you need a container for fewer items, you can opt for small sized container of 10ft. These small containers are generally crafted from the large ones and may require cutting down modification.

  • You have various options while selecting a new shipping container, yet it is advisable to choose one made from corrugated steel. The reason being, it is an extremely strong, water-resistant and rust resistant material. You can easily use them for more than 20 years.
  • Next you need to make sure that the freight container you are buying comes with a wind and watertight guarantee. For assurance, you can walk inside it and check for any holes in the sides and roof. Preferably, visit the depot or station in the daylight as it will become easy for you to ensure. Our staff at RTC Container Sales provides this service for each customer.

  • Generally, the floor of a standard freight container is made out of 27mm timber. But, nowadays you will easily get hardwood floors, which are very strong and can easily withstand heavy weights.
  • Next you need to ascertain that the container is sited on the level ground. Instead of risking problems with doors the best option is cargo doors, as they allow easy shipping and are usually best suited to clients needs.
  • At last, before you make a final selection, don’t forget to check the certification. A shipping container with a CSC certificate or plate is highly advised. This certification guarantees that the container is cargo worthy and also allows you to enjoy a problem-free delivery!

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