How to Create the Perfect Shipping Container Home

Saturday, 31st Jan, 2015
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Is it really possible to easily build your own cozy, perfect space? If you had asked a decade ago the answer would probably be “No.” However today, with ambition and some building experience, making your own shipping container cabin can be easy. Even if you have no formal building or architecture experience you can work with professionals to build a custom home of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost of a normal home
Here is a brief summary of how to make your own cozy shipping container mini home:

1. Two Shipping Containers:

Although the number of containers can vary, here is a sample 1720 square ft. cabin made using two modified shipping containers. The entire construction covers 2, 2140 square ft. lofts on either end. To start with, the shipping containers are spaced approximately 20 feet apart.

Two Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers' Position

2. Floor and Roof:

Your next step is to prepare a temporary floor. For this you will need a large 12″x 6″ beam on either side to support the roof. Along these you will add a rear wall and cross beams for roof framing (as shown in the picture below). The gap left between the beams cab be filled later with tall windows, and later the trusses and floor joists can be installed.

Floor & Roof

Floor & Roof Layout

3. Ready for Siding:

At this stage it is time to prepare the exterior siding. For this stage, you can make use of retrieved wood from existing barns or other convenient sources. You can also add a number of widows and the roofing shingles (as per your budget and desired layout).

Shipping Container Siding

Once you are done with the exterior, you can plan out the interior of the cabin. For example, as there is neither any insulation nor paneling, so you can add hemp, fiber or cellulose insulation according to your budget. Also, you can install solar panels. You are only limited by your creativity to make it a brighter and warmer home!

Shipping Container Final Blueprint

Unique, Creative Homes At A Fraction of the Cost of a Normal House
Due the enormous cost savings and green benefits compared to a normal house, Shipping Container Homes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Research more to see if you would like to put your creativity to the test, and if a container mini-home would be ideal for you!

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