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New & Used Shipping Containers
Are you looking for new or used shipping containers for storage? RTC Container Sales is the source for obtaining the best storage containers that are suitable for your immediate needs, and long term benefits. We are constantly looking for ways to keep cost down by offering ocean freight containers for less. This means that you will get new and used shipping containers at the best price! We not only guarantee you will be completely satisfied, we will not be undersold!

When it comes to new and used shipping containers, RTC Container Sales is committed to serving your needs. Our ocean containers features a rugged steel construction that are ideal for stashing away items that need to stay dry and secure. Since our storage containers are designed for ocean freight shipping, they are able to withstand even the heaviest loads and vigorous marine environments. Our ocean freight containers are the better solution to store items than storage facilities made of aluminum or wood.
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Storage Containers for Sale
You can trust us to deliver high quality containers. Many small businesses, contractors and residential users choose 20' portable ocean freight containers because it takes up less space. However, 40' freight containers are great for even more storage options. In addition to shipping industry typical sizes, many companies also cut down new and used shipping containers to make other sizes. These custom-sized containers can be as small as 10'. Larger sized containers are often available as high cubes and offer even more storage capacity, including up to 53' long and 9.6' in height.

Why Ocean Freight Containers
There are many ways our new and used shipping containers can be used. Our storage containers are strong and dependable, and can be moved to multiple locations with ease. They are excellent for storage purposes because they are over-engineered for ocean freight shipping. Our containers feature thick steel construction and watertight door gaskets to help keep moisture and excess humidity from accumulating. Supplies and food can be kept safe from deer, bears and other wildlife. They also keep rot, decay and vermin infestation away from your valuables. Many people use our storage containers for sale as modular office space, shelter and even as command centers. In fact, there are numerous ways to use our containers.

Container Uses:
  • Jobsite Container Storage
  • Pre build self storage facilities
  • Construction Storage
  • Mobile field office
  • Tool Storage
  • Overflow Equipment Storage
  • Inventory Storage
  • Work Area / Work Shops
  • Emergency Shelters
  • School Buildings, surplus supplies
  • Artist Studios
  • Flower Stands
  • Firework stands
  • Fire training facilities
  • Military training
  • Movable exhibition spaces
  • Agriculture Storage
  • Farm Equipment and supply storage
  • Ranch Storage
  • Paint Storage
  • Files, Books, Business Record Storage
  • Welding Shop
  • Sandblasting Booth
  • Portable Generators
  • Sports equipment storage
  • Snack bars, Concession stands
  • Boat, Truck, Motorcycle, Tractor Storage
  • ATV and nowmobile Storage
  • Automobile Storage
  • Guard Shacks
  • Hunting Shelters
  • Driveway portable storage units
  • Retaining walls
  • Secure perimeter barriers
  • Fencing and Storage
  • Containers as Structures
  • Wine, Vintner Storage
  • Temperature controlled storage for food products
  • Overflow Cargo Storage
  • Field research storage
  • generator sound insulator
  • Residential moving and storage
  • Driveway Portable Storage Unit
  • Sub Frame for housing
When searching for new and used shipping containers, you can count on RTC Container Sales! Remember, our ocean freight containers can be moved whenever you want because they do not require a permanent location. For more information about our storage containers for sale, Vancouver BC business owners and residents can contact us at 1-866-528-7108. We are available 24 hours to help you!

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