RTC Container Sales offers a wide variety of Freight Containers

RTC Container Sales is an excellent source of low cost freight shipping and storage containers for sale in Canada.

Freight Containers

We offer the lowest possible price on a wide range of containers for you to choose from. Call us today at 1-866-528-7108

and we will help you find the best storage solution to match your budget.

We Offer

  • 20 Freight Shipping Container for sale
  • 40 Freight Shipping Container for sale

Low Cost Customized Storage Solutions We Offer

Whether you prefer a new storage container or a customized product, we have a large inventory on hand for a fast delivery.

Freight Shipping Containers

We work closely with many private trucking companies across Canada to ensure your container reaches you within 1-2 business days.

Our range of freight shipping and storage containers include:

  • Standard Containers

    General purpose containers, which are ideal for everyday storage.

  • High Cube Containers

    These containers provide additional storage space and are useful for storing bulky items.

  • Side Opening Containers

    These containers offer the most flexibility in loading/unloading cargo.

  • Refrigerated Containers

    For transportation of perishable food products.

  • Insulated Containers

    Maintains a steady internal temperature for all its contents.

  • Flat Rack Containers

    For cargo that does not fit into the confines of a standard container, try a flat rack container.

  • Open Top Containers

    Container with roof openings, allow you to easily load/unload cargo through its roof.

Your Convenience Is Our Top Priority:

RTC Container Sales strives to meet all needs with our freight shipping and storage containers, and we are just a call away.

Choose from 10, 20 and 40 low cost containers in Canada.

End your search with RTC Container Sales - call us today at 1-866-528-7108 or contact us through our website Contact Form.

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